Woman on the Ticket

When I heard that there was going to be a woman on the Republican ticket, I thought to myself: This has been done before. And I am not talking about Geraldine Ferraro…

At the time of St. Augustine, there was a heresy which held that it was impossible for Christ to have been born of something so undignified as a woman. The idea was that it was beneath the dignity of God to gestate in the womb. “God would not associate Himself with a woman in that way. He would not submit Himself to a woman. He must have appeared on earth without being born.” This was the idea.

St. Augustine acknowledged that God could have become man without being born of a woman. He could have appeared as a full-grown man. But, in fact, He was born of the Virgin Mary. This must therefore be significant; He must be saying something to us by being born of a woman.

St. Augustine did not hesitate to speak for Christ. This is how the proto-feminist preacher put it:

“It is as though he made them a little speech and said: ‘To show you that it is not any creature of God’s that is bad…I made them male and female. I don’t reject and condemn any creature that I made. Here I am, born a man, born of a woman…Let each sex take note of its proper honor, and each confess its iniquity, and each hope for salvation.”

Now, there obviously is a point at which the analogy between Sarah Palin and the Blessed Mother fails. Someday, perhaps, Sarah Palin will be a candidate not for vice-president, but for president. (Now we’re talking about a woman president…) On the other hand, there is no female Christ. St. Augustine taught that it would have been impossible for God to become a woman. I am not sure why he taught this, but I am not about to contradict the man who is quoted in the Catechism more than any other mortal.

Regardless of this, though–whether or not it is hypothetically possible for God to have become a woman–the fact of the matter is that He became a man. This is why only a man can be a priest, because the priest takes the place of Christ at the Holy Mass. But the Blessed Virgin Mary was on the ticket first—before St. Peter, St. Paul, Pope Benedict, yours truly, or Sarah Palin.  The good Lord Himself put a woman on the ticket first.

4 thoughts on “Woman on the Ticket

  1. It is amazing that God raised women to such a degree that He not only entrusted one of us with the care and protection of His Son, from the moment of His Incarnation till His agonized last gasp on the Cross, but that He actually gave His Son the physical characteristics, mannerisms, tone of voice and all that comes through the parent’s genetic heritage, of his mother. The ancient Greeks used to think that a woman’s womb was like a rich garden in which the seed of the child, which they thought came from the male, could grow and be nurtured, but that the woman made no direct contribution to the child itself. They thought that she simply received the seed and helped it grow. But it is so incredible that God allowed a woman to pass on all of her genetic heritage to His Son.

    Those of us who are mothers know what an awesome task it is to receive what we have not made, a human being, body and soul, and to have the consummately challenging responsibility of leading this soul to God (we need to become good in order for our children to become good). To think that God made a woman who is so pure and beautiful, so wise and good that she is capable of caring for, raising, forming and protecting God Himself is inconceivable. No human has ever been allowed to know Him as intimately as His mother does. Thank you God, so much! Please teach us about your son, Mary!

  2. Re Jesus and women: “To a Samaritan woman Jesus spoke of his mission, to Martha He confessed His Divinity, and to Mary Magdalene He confided His victory.” – from H.V. Morton, In the Steps of the Master

  3. God is so amazing: the first human ever to commit sin is the woman Eve, but instead of turning Himself against women and making of them His enemies, God entrusts Himself to one for the duration of His life in a human body. Through Jesus, God allows Himself to be so vulnerable to us; as a man, He allows Himself to be hurt in a mysterious way that does not contradict His divine Self-sufficiency. For example, during His agony in the garden, Jesus expresses great sorrow, loneliness, and disappointment that His disciples do not stay awake with Him and pray. It is not for His sake that he desired the presence and prayer of His close friends during one of the roughest times of His life. He wanted them to stay with Him and pray so that they would not fail the great blow to their faith that was coming only a few hours later. It is true that because He loved them so much and was so wise, He knew that if they did not watch with Him they would not have the strength to withstand the temptation to cheapen themselves by betraying their best friend in His darkest moment. Mary never betrayed Him, though most of the apostles did. But instead of turning Himself against them, He made them the means to spread His message and to ensure that He would remain on earth, in His glorified body, till the end of time. So even though God does not need our prayers because He is completely Self-sufficient, He thirsts for them with an aching Heart because He loves us, wants our complete good, and knows that our greates good is union with Him in prayer. So, as the very truest and deepest friend and lover of our souls, He is delighted and consoled in our goodness, and grieved in our betrayals.

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