Old Bests Retiring…

New Bests above.

Best team for the Redskins to beat: Dallas Cowboys!!
Second-best team for the Redskings to beat: Philadelphia Eagles!!!!

Best Coffee: Dunkin Donuts

Best Prince Album: Grafitti Bridge

Best Car for a Priest: Scion tC

Best Secret Recipe: Big Mac special sauce

Best Bridge over the Potomac River: Rt. 301 Potomac River Bridge

Best Public Oratory on the East Coast: St. Ignatius Loyola Church, 84th and Park Ave., Manhattan

3 thoughts on “Old Bests Retiring…

  1. I haven’t ever had Dunkin Donuts coffee, but hopefully it is less acidic than Starbucks. That Starbucks here on campus will be the death of all of us…their coffee eats holes in your stomach lining, I’m fairly certain. đŸ˜›

  2. Greetings Father White — and thank you for the gorgeous picture of St. Ign…(hmmm, how do you spell that…Ign e..o? u? hmm that can’t be right..let’s go with….).. Ignatius Church in New York. I
    e-stumbled upon your website while browsing for a picture of this incredible sacred space. Imagine my surprise – (go ahead, imagine) — when your website/blog/stream of consciousness appeared in response to my random search for a picture of a rather specific church, to which I’ve never been! I admit, it brought a smirk to my face. Your website is most entertaining. It’s famous, you know. I’d heard of it, but never visited — now I see why its reputation precedes itself. (can one say that about a website which never follows…or for all we know, could be totally outside of time..in cybertime? but again, I digress…)

    Anyway, you have some great pictures and some oddly wonderful prose….and timeless poetry. Well done, I’d say. And I’d say it right to your face if you were here having a snifter full of port with me…to which I’m sure you’d just look at me and giggle. Do you still giggle, Father?

    Anyway, it’s late and God only knows what I’m talking about — (he’s still a very good friend and he’ll tell me about it in the morning, I’m sure.) So, I’ll sign off and say “we miss you” but you sound very happy and that’s a very good thing. I’m sure I’ll visit again. Oh…by the way, hope you don’t mind, but I did copy that picture of St. Ignatius church. My middle school/high school choir is singing there in April, and I wanted to see the space. Wow. That will be fun. Thanks again…lots of love from the Carrolls. Happy trails, old friend. Susan

  3. Lots of love right back at you. Thank you for writing.

    I saw Michael on Constitution Ave. last Friday. The boy is huge.

    Your trip to New York sounds very exciting. Happy trails to you. Love, Still Giggling

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