The NBA Goes to Mt. Sinai


According to a very long-standing tradition, Roman Catholic priests do not wear beards like Eastern priests do. Eastern Rite priests are supposed to have long beards. Other religions may dictate something similar. I am no expert on this.

For all other men, shaving is a personal choice. Speaking for myself: I am going to shave everyday for the rest of my life. I can promise you that right now. Unless there is a razor shortage, you will never see me with so much as a shadow. Others, however, are free to do as they wish. I am not trying to tell anyone whether to shave or not to shave. The holiest man I know is a parochial vicar who lives down the road from me and wears a beard that Moses could only envy.

DeShawn Stevenson
DeShawn Stevenson
After all, this country is dedicated to individual rights. Everybody has their own distinctive style.

I love basketball; I love the NBA. I have never liked the tatoos up and down the arms, but who am I to judge?

But can anybody explain to me what is going on with this Moses-beard thing?

Greg Oden
Greg Oden

One thought on “The NBA Goes to Mt. Sinai

  1. Yikes…I don’t like it. I’m *not* fond of men with facial hair…and those guys look scary with Moses beards.

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