Washington Wizards in Europe

The Wizards’ pre-season trip to Europe, including Spain, reminds me of when I played international ball back in 1986.

My tenth-grade Spanish-class teacher was a Spaniard. He was kind enough to take some of his students on a trip to Spain, including Barcelona, which the Wizards will visit this week. One of the most beautiful places on earth.

During our trip, when we (fifteen cheeky St.-Albans’ boys, full of swagger) were walking through the Parque de Buen Retiro in Madrid, a group of Spanish teenagers challenged us to a basketball game.

We schooled ’em. I mean, we whipped them. It was wonderful. I think I even had a dunk. (There was a brief, precious period of my life when I could dunk a basketball. Just barely–no monster jams–but I could do it. I pray that I get to heaven, and then the good Lord will let me be able to do it again, and I will be throwing down tomahawks in the everlasting five-on-five.)

Anyway…After the basketball game the Spanish boys challenged us to a re-match, but in soccer. We thought: Soccer? Kicking that little ball around? No problem. You’re on! Si, si, amigos!

It was not pretty. They made us look like a bunch of flat-footed girls. What goes around comes around.

One thought on “Washington Wizards in Europe

  1. I am so tempted to pick on you about your implication that flat-footed girls can’t play soccer. I know at least one flat-footed girl, that doesn’t “run like a girl”- the worst insult one boy can hurl at another. She can put on her “game face” and even those local boys would have to take her serious. So, since I gave in to temptation, maybe a column on how to persevere through temptation?

    Of course, all this begs another question; what is the worst insult a girl can give to another girl? Somehow, I don’t think it is “you run like a boy”. Since I am a girl and don’t know what it is, my story is going to be that girls are always nice to each other. 🙂 Maybe another column on fabrications?

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