Firing on All Pistons

On Friday a friend of mine left me a little note. It was very direct. “Wizards suck.”

She was not taunting me. It was her bitter lament. She is ten times the Wizards fan I am.

(I am STILL getting over the name change. Thanks to my dear aunt taking my brother and me to the Capital Center, I fell in love with the team of Elvin “The Big E” Hayes and Wes Unseld. When I was seven, I learned to yell, “EEEEEEE!” and then yell, “Awwww” if he missed. Meanwhile, I never associated Gandalf with basketball.)

Anyway, the Wizards were 0-1 on Friday, when I received the note. Being a Christian and a priest, I wrote back: “Keep hope alive.”

The Wizards are 0-2 now, but hope endures nonetheless. The Pistons that beat us last night are a seriously good team.

During the second quarter, the Wizards outscored the Pistons 31-20. At one point, the Wizards went on a 16-0 run. In the last 6:55 of the first half, the Wizards outscored the mighty Pistons 22-4, and the Wizards were leading at halftime. It was like when I was on the freshman St. Albans team, and we were beating St. John’s at halftime, and the coach said to us in the locker room, “Someone call the Washington Post!” They wound up beating us by twenty.

Near the end of the game last night, Phil Chenier said, “If the Wizards had played like this on Wednesday, we would have run away from the Nets by 20 points.”

0-2, yes–but hope is alive.

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