espressoIn Italy, there are no Starbucks. No Dunkin Donuts. When you order “American coffee,” they give you espresso mixed with hot water. There are no carboard cups, no cup holders, no big tumblers. Italians do not take coffee to go. A “bar” is not a place for beer–it is a place for coffees. Italians drink their coffee standing, looking at glass cases full of pastries, which they often order and eat.

One nice thing about Italian coffee is that it involves less volume. A double espresso has enough caffeine to power Upper Marlboro for a couple of hours, but it occupies only two milliliters of bladder space.

On the other hand, I miss my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee!!!

One thought on “Caffè

  1. Dude– this is the best posting of the trip. You find the best photos. Are you bringing me back stuff like cool amices and cinctures like you can only find in Rome?

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