The Virgin on our Side

Four hundred seventy-seven years ago today, Our Lady came to our side of the world to let us know that she loves us just as much as she loves people in the eastern hemisphere.

Here is part of the account of what happened:

The image our Lady left on St. Juan Diego's cloak
The image our Lady left on St. Juan Diego's cloak

Juan Diego set out on his way, now content and sure of succeeding. [The Virgin had asked him to go to the Bishop and tell him that she wanted a church built in Tepeyac.] On arriving in the Bishop’s presence, he told him: “My lord, I did what you asked. The Heavenly Lady complied with your request and fulfilled it. [The Bishop had asked for a sign to prove the truth of Juan Diego’s message.] She sent me to the hilltop to cut some Castilian roses and told me to bring them to you in person. And this I am doing, so that you can see in them the sign you seek.”

He immediately opened up his white mantle, and as all the roses scattered to the ground, there was drawn on the cloak and suddenly appeared the precious image of the ever virgin Mary, Mother of God, in the same manner as it is today and is kept in her shrine of Tepeyac.

Also: Are you thinking about seeing a doctor who deals with fertility, conceptions, difficult pregnancies, etc.? Make sure to bring a copy of this Vatican summary with you. (Click on the line with “inglese” to get the English summary.)

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