Multiple-choice Essay Test


When Mario Cuomo was the Governor of New York, he ran for President. He did not win.

One journalist offered the following explanation for Cuomo’s defeat: “In a multiple-choice world, he is taking an essay test.”

This is a blog for camaraderie, spiritual growth, vigorous debate, and sports. We don’t do polls on this blog. But if we did…

We have two fundamental principles here at Preacher and Big Daddy. All the members of our team meditate on these principles every day:

phone1. It is good to stay close to God, family, friends, beer, and basketball.

2. YOUR OPINION MATTERS! (to somebody)

Seriously, though…Please keep this in mind, dear reader:

At the end of every post, you will see “No Comments” or “1 Comment” or “2 Comments,” etc., in blue.

Please click on these blue words. Then you will have the opportunity to add your thoughts. Don’t be shy!

Your comments will be read carefully by the P&BD editorial board. They will be published as promptly as possible. Then they will be ignored. (Just kidding.)

Too bad about the fumble.
Too bad about the fumble.

P.S. The Moses Movement has come to the NFL, too! (Mike Sellers, Redskins fullback)

4 thoughts on “Multiple-choice Essay Test

  1. Seeing the picture of Mike Sellers, brings another picture to mind – do you think he had to sit with his chin in a bowl to achieve that color on the lower portion of the Moses beard?

    AS to principle #1, When you can have all that at the same event, that’s a GREAT day!

    Here’s to a GREAT day for you – Cheers! And feel free to promptly ignore this comment. (just kidding)

  2. It appears I have been beaten in the polls…I wanted favorite eggnog ingredients. I’m going to give my own anyway….BRANDY!!!!! 🙂

  3. Before my comment is summarily dismissed, I wanted to ask your prayers for my Legal Ethics exam tomorrow (Wednesday) and the paper I have due on Friday.

    I’ll comment more once exams are through.


  4. Speaking of running for president… True or False: There’s a Campaign 2012 presidential candidate — already declared — who has developed a whole platform based on the full spectrum of Catholic teaching. And he’s also a Brown’s fan. Answer: True —

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