Eartha Kitt, RIP & Super Bowl


She was Cat Woman, Madame Zeroni in “Holes,” and many other things besides (not all of them altogether good).

I loved every episode of Batman when I was a kid. But the episodes with Cat Woman were the best.

May she rest in peace.

P.S. “Holes” is a seriously good movie.

2) Question: Who to root for to win the Super Bowl? (Now that the Redskins are done for the year)

In my opinion, we are bound by a debt of honor to root for the New York Giants.

Eleven months ago, the Giants gave the world the most excellent Super Bowl upset in a generation. It was one of the greatest things ever!

3 thoughts on “Eartha Kitt, RIP & Super Bowl

  1. I can’t comment on the Super Bowl and I, too, enjoyed Cat Woman; but most importantly, I loved your article from Jan. 1, “The Lifetime of the Mother of God”.

    Fr. White, please keep writing! I pray that you and your readers experience a new year full of hope in 2009.

  2. I always wondered Eartha Kitt’s age. The episodes with Cat Woman were my favorite too, As a child, I hated when they seemed to flirt with each other. yuck.

    I was very happy the Giants won last year also. Very, very happy to see justice.

  3. I’m not sure about honor-bound support for the Giants. Other reasonable options are the Ravens (true, an AFC team but the local team which perform the way I wish the ‘Skins would), the Eagles (bit of a long-shot but as good a pairing in McNabb/Westbrook as Brady/Moss in ’08), or the Steelers (for good-old-fashioned salt-of-the-earth grit). I’m thinking the Ravens would be a fine team to support this year.

    I agree with Grace: I thought your Jan 1st post was excellent.

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