March for Life Homily

Holy Rosary Church, Washington, D.C.
Holy Rosary Church, Washington, D.C.
Every year, one of the best preachers in the Archdiocese of Washington is chosen to give the homily at the Mass for Life, held in the Verizon Center in the morning before the March for Life.

Meanwhile, some of us less impressive priests are chosen to celebrate Masses at churches near the Verizon Center. (Every year they have to turn people away from Verizon Center because the place is filled to capacity.)

So here is the homily that the poor people who wind up at Holy Rosary parish on 3rd St., N.W., tomorrow morning will hear…

In our second reading, we heard St. Paul remind St. Timothy: “We have set our hope on the living God, who is the Savior of all, especially of those who believe.”

God is the Savior of all. Especially of those who believe.

There were an awful lot of people here in downtown Washington on Tuesday. Anyone of you? Me, neither. God is the Savior of all of them, but especially the ones who believe.

us_supreme_courtHow many people will be downtown today? Who can count such big crowds? God punished King David severely when he tried to count all his people.

Any reasonable person can figure out that abortion is gravely wrong. It does not require faith to recognize that abortion involves killing an innocent person. To recognize that abortion should be illegal, all you need is rudimentary scientific knowledge, common sense, and basic decency.

God is the Savior of everyone who is willing stand up for the right to life—even those who do not believe in Christ and hold the Catholic faith originally entrusted to the Apostles.

As St. Paul put it, though, God is especially the Savior of those who believe in the Savior. We here are pro-life not just because it is the decent and honorable thing to be. We are pro-life for deeper reasons.

We are here to be good conscientious citizens of our noble republic, sure enough. But we are here to be more than that. We are here to be witnesses, to bear witness to the love God has for every human being.

march-crowdYes, we take our civic responsibility seriously. But we take our responsibility as instruments in the hands of Almighty God even more seriously. If we thought that history were in the hands of mankind alone, then it would be hard to get motivated to come to Washington, year in and year out, as the Roe-v.-Wade regime lingers on through its fourth decade, and the abortionist’s hand continues to spill innocent blood with impunity.

But we believers know that history is not just in our hands. God has a plan. He is using us to bring His mysterious plan to fulfillment. He tolerates evil because He knows how to bring good out of it.

We are pro-life because we know that God loves every human being with infinite love. We are pro-life because we know that God died on the cross so that every human being could go to heaven. And we offer that Sacrifice now on the altar–for the salvation of every human being, but especially those who believe.

One thought on “March for Life Homily

  1. Beautiful homily!

    At the first March for Life on Jan. 22, 1974, we were able to stand on the West Steps of the Capitol; the marchers were there in the thousands. Now, we march in the hundreds of thousands! What an awesome witness for the unborn.

    God bless our day tomorrow!

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