Coming up Short

marchmapThe March for Life just keeps getting shorter and shorter.

We used to start at the Ellipse (15th St., N.W.) Then we started at 7th St. This afternoon we started at 4th St.

So it was really the Stroll for Life up Capitol Hill. Nonetheless, it was inspiring and beautiful. There were lots and lots and lots of people. It was the most warm and sunny day we have had for the march for years.

So there is hope. But…

Alex Ruoff is good, and Da'Sean Butler smoked us.
Alex Ruoff is good, and Da

What HAPPENED at Verizon Center this evening? Really. What happened?

The West Virginia Mountaineers thoroughly and completely controlled the Hoyas.

They dominated the boards on both ends. Nullified our offensive threats. Kicked our butts.

Now Georgetown has a losing record in the Big East.


Also: Please vote in the Art Lovers’ poll, if you haven’t voted already. The results are still too close to call.

Here are two representative examples from the Hirshhorn

Hotel by a Railroad by Edward Hopper
Hotel by a Railroad by Edward Hopper

The Lobster Car by Andrew Wyeth
The Lobster Car by Andrew Wyeth

3 thoughts on “Coming up Short

  1. Hi Fr. White,

    Yes, yesterday was another wonderful March for Life. It was indeed inspiring and beautiful…It was wonderful to be with everyone! And with the grace of God, one day soon the laws will change in favor of life!
    What IS up with Georgetown??? They were not only dominated by the Mountaineers this week, but also by a little propaganda, I would say… see link below (propanda at Georgetown starts at approx. minute 131.) What is up with those Jesuits??

  2. I’m sorry that I had to miss the March for what is now the fourth year in a row. The March was such a part of my experience in DC that it is odd to be without it. Also, it was a nice way to see people from around the country that I hadn’t seen in a long time and to be renewed in my dedication to life.

    Sadly, the homily where I go to Mass had no mention of “abortion” yesterday morning. Rather, the day was about “respecting life” (fair enough). But how do we do that? We are nice to others in our community. (The end).

    If I have one criticisms about homilies I hear, it is that many are missed opportunities. The priests are certainly capable of explaining the message and explaining it well. But for lack of courage or something else, they back down and take the less controversial road. Though, many priests in this town were publicly exuberant upon Obama’s election in November, so perhaps courage is not the only thing lacking.

    On another note, how is that Grimm-looking priest pictured at the top of the page?

  3. Hello Fr. White,

    My comment on the March for Life might be considered passe in this a.s.a.p age. Well ….. maybe not.

    This year’s march was different than the previous marches. We (at least the group where I was) felt that we were standing around more than marching. Quite a few asked why we were standing still. It did not make sense to be standing when we were supposed to be marching. But little did I know that Thursday was part of a divine plan like He had for Paul. After St. Paul’s conversion, the Lord told him what to do. He received his marching orders so to speak.

    Part of St. Paul’s marching orders was to preach. In his letter to the Ephesians, he told them to stand strong in the Lord. Perhaps, this is what some of the 300,000 were doing – standing strong in the Lord, standing strong for life. Do this we must.

    (I have a new cheerleading mantra for the Hoyas – Stand strong! Stand strong! Stand strong!)

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