“Tone Deaf”


pope-pianoJohn Allen calls the skilled pianist in charge of our Church “tone deaf.”

Fifty members of Congress have written to His Holiness, telling him what to do.

Here is the letter I wish he would write back to them.

Honorable Members of Congress, Sons and Daughters in Christ,

I thank you for your thoughtful letter of January 29. I am glad to hear from you, and to learn from your personal attestation in the letter that you are in fact Catholic.

I join you in lamenting the memory of the Holocaust of the Jewish people. As you know, I have painful personal memories of what happened. You ask that I repeat my lament that brother would shed the blood of brother as the Nazis shed the blood of the Jews. Be assured that I will do so.

You eloquently refer to the Holocaust as “one of the darkest chapters in our history as a human family.” The historical record is clear that this is exactly what it was.

Grateful as I am to have heard from you, allow me now to remind you of this:

The day will come when the Roe-v.-Wade regime in the United States will be referred to in the same way–as “one of the darkest chapters in our history as a human family.” The Roe-v.-Wade deathtoll is 48 million innocent people killed, and the killings continue. Someday the blindness that veils your eyes will be lifted, and you will be horrified to see the violence that has been done right under your noses.

To my knowledge, none of you have ever stood up for the innocent and defenseless unborn children who die by the thousands every day in your country. To the contrary, many of you have consistently voted in favor of keeping abortion legal and using government money to pay for it.

I do not accuse you of malice. My impression is that you do not understand the consequences of your inaction and your co-operation with evil. You should, however, know better.

So, since you wrote me with such clear and inspiring words, allow me to offer you some of the same:

You will pay a heavy price at the divine Tribunal if you do not repent of your negligence and take up the cause of justice.

In recent telephone conversations, I have asked your local Pastors to make themselves available to help you examine your consciences, make a good Confession, and be reconciled to God and His Church.

Let us work together to build the Kingdom of God! May the grace of God help us to struggle against all injustice and cruelty. I lovingly impart my Apostolic benediction to you.

Your Father in the Lord,

Benedict pp. XVI

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