Somebody up there doesn’t like me…

Georgetown Marquette Basketball

First the poor Hoyas went from the basement to the sub-basement.


Then the pretty boy beat my man Roger.

Now, to give Rafi his due, he is incredible. His skills are amazing. But that is not the most impressive thing. As Dick Enberg put it: “Nadal does not play the score.”

In other words, the man plays every single point as if it were match point.

serena1You are probably more aware than I am of how tempting it can be in tennis if you fall behind. ‘Okay, I have blown this game–or this set–let me just throw in the towel, and try to get the next one.’ Very tempting, especially if you played a five-hour match a day ago, and you are in the middle of a five-hour match in wilting heat.

Nadal NEVER EVEN THINKS these thoughts.

By the way, Dick Enberg has the most soothing voice on earth. If you are catching a few minutes of a tense tennis match at 5:00 in the morning with warmed-over coffee from yesterday, his is the voice you want to hear.

Anyway…on the bright side:

Serena won yesterday, crushing the Russian in 59 minutes.

The Wizards got a W!


Tomorrow (February 2) is Candlemas Day! Forty days after Christmas, the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph brought the Lord Jesus to the Temple to present Him to the Father. They offered the sacrifice for the Virgin’s purification, according to the Law of Moses. Simeon and Anna rejoiced to see the Messiah.

We will have the procession with candles at our Masses at St. Mary of the Assumption in Upper Marlboro (8:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon).


super-bowl-logoIn the meantime, go Cardinals!

4 thoughts on “Somebody up there doesn’t like me…

  1. Yes, Father, you are right somebody up there doesn’t like you…

    I do believe somebody up there does love you…

  2. So sad for our Cardinals to lose in that way. I still think Warner’s hand was going forward at the end, but I suppose it was just not “meant to be.” Now the key is to come out next year and keep the momentum going. Great season, Cards.

  3. Fr. White, it’s time to “Rock the Red,” and I’m not referring to the College of Cardinals. You blog about the struggles of the Redskins, Hoyas and Wizards, but there’s nary a word about the one team in town that might actually win a championship: The Washington Capitals. In addition to having the second best record in the NHL, the Caps have the best hockey player in the world — the wondrous Alex Ovechkin who scored five goals in two games this weekend. Unlike the sorry Wizards, the Caps are on fire, playing before capacity crowds at a boisterous Verizon Center. If you want a religious analogy, how’s this? After years of wandering in the desert, the promised land is finally in sight for the Caps. In other words, redemption is at hand. So take off the sackcloth and ashes and put on the red. Let’s Go Caps!

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