Short-Pants Era and other Reminiscences

Mount Tabor, seen from the north
Mount Tabor, seen from the north

One year ago today, we priest-pilgrims with were with Archbishop Burke at the top of Mt. Tabor.

The Lord Jesus led Peter, James, and John up to the top of Mount Tabor. He was transfigured before them, and they beheld His divine glory. It was six days after St. Peter confessed that Jesus is the Christ. The Lord and His disciples were on their way Jerusalem for the last time.

Mount Tabor church exterior
Mount Tabor church exterior

In his homily in Antonio Barluzzi’s church of the Transfiguration, Archbishop Burke noted:

Statue in St. Peter's vested for Cathedra Petri, February 22
Statue in St. Peter's vested for Cathedra Petri, February 22

The six days since St. Peter confessed the faith were very difficult days for the Apostles, especially Peter. Our Lord had begun to instruct them regarding the true nature of His divine glory, namely, the outpouring of His life in a cruel passion and the most ignominious death possible at the time.

The Apostles, including Peter, had a different notion of the Lord’s glory…

The Transfiguration came at the end of six days of our Lord’s instruction on the Way of the Cross, the way in which the glory of God was to be made manifest in our human flesh. Peter, James, and John were privileged to witness the wondrous transfiguration of the Body of Christ in preparation for His coming Passion and Death.

The memory of the Transfiguration would open the eyes and hearts of the Apostles when they saw the Risen Lord in His glorious body. It prepared them to be the authoritative witnesses, the apostolic teachers, of faith in the divine Sonship of Christ.

Michael Graham was the #1 bruiser of the 1984 championship team
Michael Graham was the #1 bruiser of the 1984 championship team

During halftime of yesterdays’ Hoya loss, there was a bittersweet memorial for the 1984 NCAA Championship team. I found the nostalgia to be rather lame. To tell you the truth, I napped through the ceremony.

I was trying to think of something to write about the whole business. After all, the Ewing era was the joy of my northwest-Washington youth. But I don’t have to come up with any words, because Dick Heller of the Washington Times has said it all.

My favorite line of his column is:

The last couple of months might have been worse for the Hoyas than for Rod Blagojevich, Tom Daschle and Marion Barry combined.

Here is Archbishop Wuerl inviting the wayward back to the Holy Mother:

The Archdiocese is even starting its own official blog on Ash Wednesday (three days from now).

They have assigned a huge staff to do the job that your humble servant does in my spare time while eating fried pickles and watching ballgames. But I am sure that they will produce a far superior weblog. You can start reading it instead of P&BD, if you want. I won’t be offended.

I am, as you know, rather shameless. The bandwagon pulled up to my stop, and I jumped on: I am hook, line, and sinker for the Caps! Just handed the Penguins an ignominious defeat. RED!!!!


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