Odds-On Favorite

cardinalsLet’s congratulate the Louisville Cardinals for winning the Big East regular-season title. Last night they went into the belly of West Virginia, and bested the Mountaineers with a smile.

It is a little hard to believe that, just one short year ago, the Georgetown Hoyas were the Big East regular-season champions. But let us not dwell on such things. Nostalgia can be so bitter.

To give you my own personal feeling: As far as I am concerned, it has always been all about the Big East tournament anyway. For me the NCAA tournament is an afterthought.

New York's Madison Square Garden is stunningly circular
New York's Madison Square Garden is stunningly circular
Give me Madison Square Garden. Give me gritty urban Catholic schools (which is what the Big East was, before they let in every program on the eastern seaboard). Give me the chance for a Hoya surprise–and I am a happy man.

NCAAs, encee-double-shmays.

Here is your Big East tournament bracket. The Hoyas begin their run at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

As you will note, in order for the Hoyas to win the tournament, we will have to beat: St. John’s, Marquette, Villanova, Louisville, and then either UConn or Pitt.

knievelWe have beaten Villanova and UConn. We have been beaten by St. John’s, Marquette, Louisville, Pitt, and most of the organized basketball teams on earth.

Our first game in the tournament will be the Hoyas’ second game against St. John’s in eight days. The first one did not go well.

So the chances of the Hoyas winning this tournament are approximately 1,490 to one. But just because something is a long-shot doesn’t mean it can’t happen, as Evel Knievel always said, God rest his soul.

trumanAfter all, what were the chances that Columbus would make landfall on the island of San Salvador in the Caribbean Sea and discover America, rather than sailing straight through to India, as he originally intended?

What are the chances that Dewey would be elected President, even though Truman was heavily favored?

What are the chances that our parents and grandparents and ancestors would have met each other, fallen in love, and gotten married, so that, in effect, we are all brothers and sisters?

Miracles happen, people.

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