Christ’s Anger, Cardinal Tumi, and N.I.T. Update

cleansingWe recently touched on the subject of Christ driving the greedy merchants and money-changers out of the Temple.

An alert P. & B. D. reader sent your humble Preacher an excellent book chapter which deals with Christ’s zeal for His Father’s house. Here is how the author explains the anger of Christ:

While sin and ignorance found Him ever compassionate and merciful, irreverence towards God aroused Him to stern and terrible anger, for He saw in it the subversion of the order of truth and justice. –Rev. Edward Leen, In the Likeness of Christ.

Cardinal Tumi
Cardinal Tumi
…One of the prelates who has received our Holy Father in Cameroon is the Archbishop of Douala, Christian Cardinal Tumi.

Cardinal Tumi is perhaps the single most impressive human being I have ever encountered in my life.

He came to Washington to speak at our Eucharistic Congress in October of 2000. He has a prodigious mind. He was born and bred to rule. He is truly awesome. Next year he will turn 80.

…I don’t want to jinx anything, but the Hoyas are off to a good start against Baylor–up by nine points after fifteen minutes of play.

Kim Mulkey
Kim Mulkey
Meanwhile, Virginia Tech finally finished off Duquesne after TWO overtimes!

Who says the N.I.T. isn’t cool?

Your servant is obviously pulling for Georgetown over Baylor. But a guy has to admit that the Baylor Ladies’ coach is awfully easy on the eyes.

She is at courtside for the men’s game, and it will be a shame to see her disappointed…

2 thoughts on “Christ’s Anger, Cardinal Tumi, and N.I.T. Update

  1. Father-I’m very interested in why you regard Cardinal Tumi so highly. I don’t mean to cast doubt on your assertion, but I’m just wondering how you make that conclusion since I know little about him. I was at that talk at the Eucharistic Congress in 2000 and I even served his Mass! Perhaps I should have listened harder!

  2. Excellent question, Aaron.

    As I recall, Cardinal Tumi’s talk was an unapologetic summary of the doctrine on the Council of Trent about the Holy Eucharist. The talk was excellent, but that is not what impressed me so much.

    Cardinal’s Tumi’s voice makes Charleton Heston sound like Richard Simmons, but that is not exactly what impressed me so much, either.

    After his talk was over, Cardinal Tumi stood in the corner of the large hall where he had spoken. He had no handlers. He just stood there by himself, motionless, ready to talk with anyone who came to him.

    The following thought crossed my mind: If the crowd had turned into a mob coming at him with knives and clubs, yelling, “Get out of here, you throwback, pre-Vatican II dinosaur!”–he would not have flinched. He would not have moved a muscle. He would have said with overwhelming sternness: “Calm down, children. Put down your weapons.”

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