Joseph vs. Theodore


This evening the Caps were in a close game decided by a shoot-out.

The hero of the game was a goalie with a first name for a last name.

Alas, it was not Jose Theodore.

Near the end of the third period, the Maple Leafs starting goalie, Martin Gerber, was ejected from the game for being a baby and shoving the ref.

Gerber’s back-up, Curtis Joseph, came off the bench. CuJo saved the day for Toronto. He stopped Ovechkin in the shoot-out.

Tough loss for the Red. Here is a little something to cheer you up…

4 thoughts on “Joseph vs. Theodore

  1. Oh, Thank you! That is one of my favorite Bill Cosby bits. It seems to me it ends with an explanation of the way novocaine works, and how to deal with the pain after it wears off – tears-rolling-down-your-face funny!

    Now, can you find his bit on Noah?

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