Seven Deadlies Compendium, Etc.


I woke up this morning feeling basically okay with myself. But then I discovered that I agree with Ken Woodward…(If the comic strips appearing here are too small for you to read, you can see a larger size by clicking on it.)

stoning…According to the Law of Moses, capital crimes were to be punished by stoning to death.

The first stones were to be cast by the witnesses upon whose testimony the guilty party was convicted. Then everyone else could join in the stoning. By this violent act, the injustice of the crime would be purged from the nation.

God is perfectly just. He examines every heart. Before Him, no one is innocent.

But He has not cast a stone and done violence to the guilty ones. Rather, He subjected Himself to violence at the hands of the unjust.

By this violent act, our injustice is purged. We are not condemned to death.

devilGod restores justice; we are pardoned; we may live.

…Here is a little compendium of my sermons on the seven deadly sins…


Greed and Envy

Anger and Lust

Gluttony and Sloth

chaliceAlso, there are some new Bests above.

And I added a new feature above…a collection of the collections.

…I wish I could say that I am willing to take the sins of others upon myself, like our Lord.

I can say this, though: I do take the germs of others upon myself.

This is what communion under both species means for the priest: Taking the germs of the entire people upon yourself.

2 thoughts on “Seven Deadlies Compendium, Etc.

  1. You State –
    “Rather, He subjected Himself to violence at the hands of the unjust.

    By this violent act, our injustice is purged. We are not condemned to death.”

    You actually think that makes any sense, or is good, morally right?

    You are one who favors scapegoating? Values vicarious redemption?

  2. Dan, thank you for your questions. I am afraid I don’t know enough to understand them. I am not altogether sure what you mean by scapegoating or ‘vicarious redemption.’

    Perhaps the following will clarify the matter. I probably should have been clearer in what I wrote. The violence of Christ’s death has not IN ITSELF brought about the redemption of mankind. His death was unjust, cruel, evil. But the Son of God offered His human suffering and death to the Father as a sacrifice on behalf of the human race. This sacrifice has made peace, according to strict justice, between God and man. Only God could offer this sacrifice; He offered it as a man. Then He rose from the dead and bestowed the Holy Spirit on those who believe as the firstfruits of eternal life.

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