N.P.R. on the Barrier

bethlehem-wall1National Public Radio generally drives me insane. Even their traffic reports are godless and liberal.

This week, though, “All Things Considered” has done an informative series on the security barrier in the Holy Land. The series concludes tomorrow.

Check it out by clicking here.

One thought on “N.P.R. on the Barrier

  1. While I won’t begin to offer an explanation as to why I was listening to NPR on Holy Saturday morning, I thought I would put in a plug for NPR not being utterly godless…There was a discussion on “This American Life” regarding the pathetic pro forma apologies issued by politicians, most recently by Obama and Clinton. The commentator suggested that we simply accept the pro forma but meaninglessness of political apologies, in the same manner we would accept the begrudging apology of a child who is required to offer an apology but clearly has no real remorse. To this, his guest suggested (happily) that these two situations were not the same and that we should not accept insincerity in public life. To the point, he offered the biblical account of Nathan’s ethical instruction to David on the excesses of David’s power. It is an instance of profound self awareness and remorse for David. It was suggested that since both Obama and Clinton speak so often about going to Church, their pastors might want to use this technique with them, pointing out, in their respective ways, “You are the man”.

    Seems to me that this was first suggested somewhere on this blog.

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