Pope Benedict’s Teachings, et al

51767896I prepared an eight-page thematic synthesis of the homilies and talks our Holy Father gave during his visit to the United States last year.

If you would like to read the synthesis, click here.

…At his funeral, Fr. Bill Finch–known to many as a gruff, intimidating man–was called a “peep.” This reminded me that:

You know your pretensions to being an art connoisseur are phony when your favorite 20th-century American painting is reduced to this:


Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett
…Meanwhile, I just heard that my man K.G. may not play in the NBA post-season. A knee injury has plagued him all year.

This is a bitter disappointment for Preacher.

Garnett was my hero last June, when he and the Celtics put the then-hated Kobe Bryant in his place.

(Since then, Kobe became my man when he went to China.)

No Garnett means a tough May and June for Preacher.

…Though perhaps Dwight Howard could be this year’s hero.

If the Magic meet the Cavaliers, Howard could clean LeBron’s clock. Which would be sweet! We shall see…


One thought on “Pope Benedict’s Teachings, et al

  1. Fr. White: Your talk about the NBA post-season is all very well, but you have missed the really big sports news of the day. Please put something on this blog about the retirement of the voice of the NFL, the face of the NFL — JOHN MADDEN. He was so interesting, and so much fun, and for those of us with a somewhat shaky grip on the game, such a marvelous teacher. I’m happy for him that he knew exactly when it was time to stop, and that he had the courage to stop even though stopping was painful because he so loved what he did. But I’m sad for myself because I’ll miss him terribly when the season starts. What a turnaround — to have the Redskins schedule announced and then, in the next breath, to learn that Madden is retiring.

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