Game Seven!!! Plus, Trekkies Rejoice

Capitals Penguins HockeyCaps had to get a win in Pittsburgh. It was a serious nailbiter. And they won it!

Now the series returns to Washington for the deciding game on Wednesday evening. Huge.

..The other thing I forgot to tell you is that the new Star Trek movie is delightful.

It will satisfy anyone with fond memories of the original series.

Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy is the most brilliant casting in recent memory.

The movie is not for everyone. There is one dumb racy scene–thankfully very brief. A little bit too much noise and special effects. And the plot gimmick that allows for a certain cameo–well, it’s not the most plausible thing ever. But the cameo is worth it, well worth it…(Close your eyes if you want to be surprised when you see the move–in other words, don’t click)

Karl Urban

Leonard Nimoy is in the new movie, playing the old Spock. He has traveled back in time to the maiden voyage of the Enterprise. The man who gave us “live long and prosper” nearly steals the show.

He would have stolen it altogether, were it not for the fact that Star Trek the movie is a thoroughgoing winner. It succeeds at something which Hollywood seemed to have forgotten how to do: The characters are utterly charming.

They are charming like they were the first time (i.e., when I was a kid talking constantly on my communicator and setting my phaser on stun).

To be given all the beloved characters back–Captain Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Checkov, Sulu, and Uhura, back to life after three decades–that is a gift. The movie delivers such a gift.

2 thoughts on “Game Seven!!! Plus, Trekkies Rejoice

  1. The Star Trek movie was AMAZING…and I went to see it again last night, believe it or not. 😉 And yes, the casting was brilliant.

    FYI, a good way to write “spoilers” on your blog is to make the font color white, and then readers can highlight the “blank spots” in the post to read them. I’ve done it before with Lost spoilers, and it works quite well.

  2. Even if the Caps don’t win Game 7 tonight, they exorcised a lot of demons by beating the Penguins in Pittsburgh in Game 6. It was even sweeter to win in overtime after all the heartbreak Pittsburgh has put us through over the years. I’ll be Rockin’ the Red at Verizon Center tonight. I know that it’s frivolous to pray for sports teams, but a little prayer for the Caps tonight couldn’t hurt, could it? Go Caps!

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