Judge John T. Noonan
Judge John T. Noonan

This is the man who spoke before President Obama at Notre Dame University’s commencement exercises yesterday.

Judge Noonan agreed to speak in lieu of Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon. Out of principal, she declined to accept the University’s Laetare Medal because a pro-abortionist was to speak at the ceremony (President Obama).

When Judge Noonan agreed to speak in Mrs. Glendon’s stead, I anticipated a subtle, invigorating talk. I thought to myself: This man just might have the moxy–the spretzaturra–to outman and outfox the orator-in-chief.

Mary Ann Glendon
Mary Ann Glendon

It did not happen. Courage did not make an appearance at this particular ceremony. Only a lot of lame self-congratulation and stilted, self-referential Obamian humor.

In his speech, Judge Noonan extolled the glory of conscience.

Abortion is a matter of conscience?

Negative, brother. It is a matter of clear facts. How many Volkswagens do women give birth to, per year?

The President said he wanted an abortion debate with “fair-minded words.”

This reminds me of this exchange from Hamlet, Act II, Scene 2:

POLONIUS What do you read, my lord?

HAMLET Words, words, words.

LORD POLONIUS What is the matter, my lord?

HAMLET Between who?

Anyway, how about these fair-sounding words:

Can anyone kill an innocent human being with a clear conscience?

vwIf an unborn child is not an innocent human being, then what is an unborn child? If you and I were not human beings from the moment we were conceived in our mother’s wombs, then what were we? Volkswagens did not emerge.

The logic is really quite irrefutable. But the dictatorship of relativism is not interested in logic, whether fair-sounding words are used or not.

Dear Notre Dame,

Please check your smugness at the door upon entering reality. And give the rest of us a break.

The Sixties were a half a century ago. Now YOU are the bad guys.

Love, Preacher

4 thoughts on “Conscience?

  1. and
    Dear President Obama,

    Please don’t preach to me about open hearts, open minds, and fair-minded words.

    -So far your heart has not been open to the Truth.

    -Your mind was closed to any discussion on the abortion issue when you arrived in office and it still is as you continue to pass and pursue pro-abortion laws and surround yourself with pro-abortion staff.

    -And your words yesterday were, in fact, JUST words.
    I don’t even know what you mean by “fair-minded words” when you talk about begin in favor of abortion.

    I will honestly pray that you prove me wrong and put some action behind your words and open that heart of yours to the Truth!

    Meeting half way is not an option

  2. Ironic, wasn’t it. While the aggressively pro-abortion (that would be pro-murder of children)advocate was adulated inside this “catholic” university, the relatively small number of defenders of life were escorted away and/or arrested. Kind of reminded me of the crowds crying, “Give us, Barrabas.”

    Regarding the earlier post about Notre Dame having commencement on a Sunday, wouldn’t it have been nice if on this same Sunday during commencement our catholic churches would have held a Holy Hour of Reparation with Eucharstic Adoration led by a parish priest? But then, I suppose there would have been only a few attendees . . . kind of like the few at the foot of the Cross.

  3. President Oboma said in his speech that in discussion of our differences we can find common ground. There is no common ground when it comes to abortion!

  4. Dear believers in the risen Christ,

    How true Psalm 43 speaks the truth about our culture. The surreal spectacle at Notre Dame only demonstrates it. The “deceitful and cunning me” are still with us.

    1.“Defend me, O God, and plead my cause
    Against a godless nation.
    From deceitful and cunning men
    Rescue me, O God.

    5.Why are cast down, my soul,
    Why groan within me?
    Hope in God, I will praise him still,
    My Savior and my God.”(Psalm 43:1,5)

    We all must pray and offer our sacrifices to plead for Divine Mercy on our “deceitful and cunning” academicians, politicians, and celebrity seeking personalities that want to show a “pretty face” yet, are lie “the dead bones” in “shiny tombs” as Our Lord spoke of.

    Lord Have Mercy – “We truly do not know what we are doing”


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