If you haven’t seen the new Star Trek movie,trekposter

…and you intend to see it,

…and you don’t want ANY surprises spoiled,

then: do NOT click…

The first time I saw the movie, I thought the black-hole time-travel bit was just a silly plot gimmick to get Leonard Nimoy into the movie. (Not that I was complaining about that.)

But that assessment was nothing but dense cynicism on my part.

nimoyIn fact, having the old Spock come back from the future suits the movie perfectly.

The plot twist is exquisitely thematic, because the movie itself successfully manages time travel.

The movie takes us oldsters back to our young, communicator-wielding days in the Nixon and Carter eras. It brings the joy of loving Kirk, Spock, and Co. to the youth of the present day. Time travel. Brilliant. Just like Spock in the movie.

The movie is even better the second time. The opening sequence moves very fast–I caught a great deal more the second time through.

To read more about this excellent movie (and many other subjects), check out the best blogger on the internet. Here is a post that will make any Trekkie happy.

…Plus, check out the subtle P&BD reference in this charming Tim Hawkins song:

P.S. LeBron and the Cavs have lived to fight another day.

6 thoughts on “Spock

  1. Haha, well Father, I would give the “best blogger” title to you, but thank you. πŸ˜‰

    I’m so glad you liked Star Trek more the second time! I feel validated!

  2. Hi, Father! A friend told me about your blog, so I decided to drop by. It’s really cool that you’re a sci fi fan! Sadly, I have not seen the movie yet and I am one those Trekkie who hates spoilers, so I could not in good conscience read this entry. πŸ˜‰ I am a fellow Catholic and internet geek who appreciates your blog. However I am curious about the Hooters logo in the logos section… I admit it was not something I expected to find. Care to explain? =P

  3. re: logos – Even hardworking, humble servants deserve a cold brew and televised sporting events. You might be surprised to learn that the seediest part of that tacky establishment is the funny name.

  4. Thanks for all the kind words.

    I hope everyone has had a chance to see the movie.

    Do you ladies have a favorite wing sauce?

  5. (Ooh, I forgot about my comment here… Heh)

    Ah, that does clear things up, L. Mama. I admit I really know nothing about the place other than the name and ads I saw. Didn’t mean to sound judgmental, just curious. =)

    Hmm, I wouldn’t know what my favorite wing sauce is. I don’t believe I’ve very many.

    And no, I still haven’t seen the movie… Soon… maybe… hopefully…. πŸ˜€

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