Too Painful for Vacation



LebronPoor LeBron James.

He is the league M.V.P.

Now that his M.V.P. season is over, he deserves a nice, all-American vacation.

He deserves to go to a place where dreams come true.

He deserves to get away from the reality of the NBA Finals, where his dreams don’t come true.

But he can’t go to Disneyland, because it’s in Los Angeles.

And he can’t go to Disney World, because it’s in Orlando.

disneylanddisney world

Twinkies all around!

Preacher’s prediction for the Finals: Orlando is six games.

One thought on “Too Painful for Vacation

  1. I voted twice and proud to do it. The Lakers will win — and yes, you are being very mean to LeBron!

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