Roger Grand Slam + Outlook Answered

roger trophyFederer beat Robin Soderling in less than two hours. Now Roger has won all four Grand Slam tournaments.

At one point during the NBC broadcast, Ted Robinson asked John McEnroe to comment: “Federer and Tiger Woods have struck up a friendship. This would be Federer’s fourteenth major title. Woods has won fourteen majors…”

lewis 2McEnroe: “Let’s not bring golf into this.”

…Meanwhile, Orlando’s Rashard Lewis is sporting a Moses beard for the NBA Finals.

The Game 1 blow-out was a hiccup. Game 2 went to overtime. Very tough loss for the Magic.

…This morning I read an essay in favor of legal abortion.

Here is the reasoning, as I would summarize it: It is unfair to condemn a pregnant woman for being pregnant. The anti-abortion position involves judging the woman for sin. Therefore, the generous-hearted thing to do is to offer abortion as a way out of a shameful situation.

speed bumpThis would make sense, if…

1. The pro-life position really were a matter of hypocritical moralizing against the mother, and if

2. There were no innocent third party involved in an abortion.


1. The pro-life position is NOT based on a moral judgment of the mother.

A woman can become pregnant by commiting a sin, or without commiting a sin. Whether or not the mother committed a sin when she became pregnant is a separate matter, and that matter really is private. It is the one part of the whole thing that really is “between a woman and her priest/minister/etc.”

2. There IS an innocent third party involved in an abortion (who gets killed).

Fornication is wrong, sure enough. Shouldn’t happen.

But I am not against abortion because fornication is wrong. I think abortion should be illegal because it involves killing an innocent human being.

2 thoughts on “Roger Grand Slam + Outlook Answered

  1. There is a blog of a young woman who could have been the poster child for abortion as described in the essay. But that was not her “choice”. She was told at 19 weeks that her baby would not live but a few minutes after birth. She had the baby anyway. That precious baby lived 93 days, and her mother cherished every moment they spent together.

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