Wednesday Night Miscellany II

Major General Charles Champion Gilbert
Major General Charles Champion Gilbert

Gwen Stefani was in the air earlier this evening. It is time for another Wednesday Night Miscellany.

Andrew Jackson Higgins
Andrew Jackson Higgins

If you read Wesley Pruden’s column, you know that Andrew Jackson Higgins had a “pleasantly malicious expression.”

Mr. Higgins was a New Orleans businessman.

His company built the plywood landing boats which brought our troops to the beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944…

…Why is it wrong to kill abortionists? Here is an excellent answer

…Did you know that there was a “Preacher’s Regiment” in the Union Army in the Civil War? It was full of Methodist circuit-riders from Illinois…

…When the chips are down, does Torkuglu get the job done? He do.

Let’s pause to consider what ALL the peoples of the world have in common. It is tricky, since people are so different.

–I have it! What all the peoples of the world have in common is: DISSATISFACTION.

klondikeThe world is not a satisfying place. I mean, it can be, for short periods of time. Like while you are eating a Snickers or a Klondike Bar. But such pleasures fade. Then dissatisfaction sets in again.

From the four corners of the earth, this plaintive cry rises to heaven: “Lord, what will make us happy? How can we really be happy?”

Now, if God were mean, He would not answer. He might be tempted to say, ‘Why should I answer you petulant cretins? What did you ever do to make Me happy? Your holocausts and sacrifices please me not! (Psalm 40:7)’

God, however, is not mean. “Lord, how can we be happy?” He came down to earth to give us the answer in person.

…You probably thought I had forgotten all about new Bests.

These are retired:

Best St.-Crispin’s-Day Speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V: Lawrence Olivier


Best a.m. Beverage: Whole milk

Best Mel Gibson action movie: Ransom

Best Love Song: “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker

Best 20th-century Architect: Antonio Barluzzi

Best Johnny Cash Song: The Man Comes Around

Best Cat-Rabbit Fight:

Best Answer to a Steve-Kroft Question: “Do you know what ’60 Minutes’ is?” LeBron James: “Yeah. Yeah. It’s a hour, right?”

Barluzzi's Church of the Beatitudes in Israel
Barluzzi's Church of the Beatitudes in Israel

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