Pastoral Charity


In his letters, St. Peter referred to the fact that his job was to remind his people of things they had already learned. They learned them when they first embraced the Catholic faith.

St. Peter also promised to make sure that there would be someone else to remind them after he had died (II Peter 1:15).

mosesThere is an unbroken succession of Popes from St. Peter to Benedict XVI. The succession from one pope to the next began with the fatherly love of the first Pope for his people…

…Please say a little prayer for me. The Archbishop has asked me to come to his office this afternoon. I am afraid he might do something rash, like entrust one of his parishes to me.

Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and lead the Israelites out of Egypt?” (Exodus 3:11)

…I am working on a new special-edition Bests list, to be published soon. In the meantime, here is an extra:

Best Bobby Darin song:

6 thoughts on “Pastoral Charity

  1. Please, Fr. White. Here’s one where even I think you’re excessively “traditional.” Bobby Darin’s early, out-of-artistic-character forays into rock-and-roll have proven far more timeless than any of his Sinatra-esque crooner numbers, save for “Mack the Knife.” True, he wanted to be more like Sinatra than like a rock-and-roller,but you can believe him or your own ears. Thus his best song is a toss-up between “Splish Splash” and “Queen of the Hop.”
    btw: Best Movie about Bobby Darin: “Beyond the Sea”
    with Kevin Spacey, who does his own singing.

  2. Who are any of you to claim that God has ordained you to lead the people. You who are corrupt with power, you who do nothing to solve the problems of the world. Your people live in squalor while you in the Vatican live in palaces. Why does the pope live like a king while the people can not feed their children. Who are you to tell the people how to live when none of you have ever assumed the responsibilies of raising children or sharing the difficulties of life with your wife. None of you know anything and you never will because the priests and the bishops and the cardinals and the pope live sheltered lives and cover up their sins, their corruption that is evil in nature. come down out of your ivory towers and work in the fields. The corruption and filth disgusts. Religion is the foulest corruption on Earth… You use the Lord’s name in vain, you do not know what he wants because you do not live as Jesus did, you do not live among the people you give nothing to the people, you take and take and take some more. You don your robes and perform your homosexual acts and try to hide from the people but so many have left your lair of lies and now live in peace, with Jesus, not the pope.

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