“one continuous, unrelenting, almost delirious moment”

menckenH.L. Mencken’s first book of memoirs chronicles his halcyon years as a “cub reporter,” before he was burdened by editorial and administrative responsibility.

From the book’s preface:

The narrative has principally to do with my days as a reporter, when I was young, goatish and full of an innocent delight in the world. My adventures in that character, save maybe in one or two details, were hardly extraordinary; on the contrary they seem to me now, looking back upon them nostalgically, to have been marked by an excess of normalcy. Nevertheless, they had their moments—in fact, they were made up, subjectively, of one continuous, unrelenting, almost delirious moment—and when I revive them now it is mainly to remind myself and inform historians that a newspaper reporter, in those remote days, had a grand and gaudy time of it, and no call to envy any man.

For my part, being a man of the cloth, I do what I can to keep my own goatishness in check.

That said, these words of Mencken’s plucked a chord for me. This week I say farewell to the lovely life of a parochial vicar–also known as a curate or “associate” or “assistant.”

Six years of priesthood have passed in an unrelenting, delirious moment. Their excess of normalcy has made them all the more delightful. I have had no call to envy any man.

May God be praised. Thank you Father Finch, Msgr. Laczko, Msgr. Hughes, and Fr. Foley (the poor men who had to endure me as their vicar). Pray for me, please!

2 thoughts on ““one continuous, unrelenting, almost delirious moment”

  1. Dear Father White,

    I entrust you to the special care of St. John Vianney each and every day.

  2. Father White, Vince and I want to congratulate you on becoming the new pastor at Holy Name Parish. Our Lord has wonderful plans for you and I pray for your continued blessings. With all these new responsibilities, does this mean you have to give up your favorite sports bar? Perhaps, I am prude..ish but I can’t even type the name of that establishment. One Corinthians 13:11 comes to mind and all I can say is with this new responsibility, perhaps writing your blog from the rectory might be a better option with beer in hand. Sometimes appearances are more important than intellect. We do love you Father White and your presence at St. Raphael was the turning point in my life.

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