Briefly Laid Up

I was hoping to holler at you today about:

1) Joshua’s household serving the Lord instead of the gods of the Amorites, and
2) St. Peter sticking with Christ no matter what He said.

Regrettably, the distress pictured above befell me during my first afternoon run in my beloved new parish.

H St., N.E., is an exciting area.

Just make sure you keep your eyes on the sidewalk at all times, because there can be surprises.

Owing to my little injury, I am unable to bloviate here according to my usual custom.

Say a prayer for my swift recovery, if you would be so kind.

7 thoughts on “Briefly Laid Up

  1. You can’t go down just as I’m finally gearing up for the B’more 1/2 marathon. You don’t want to to be my excuse for pulling out, but my inspiration to persevere. Please recover fast.

  2. You know you can come back and run in beautiful, bucolic U.M. anytime if the big city proves too full of “pitfalls” for you.

    Get well soon!

    Your aged successor,

  3. Pastor White,
    First your back, now your ankle. Are you sure you’re not the one going on 50! But seriously, “as for you and your ankle”, we will pray for a speedy recovery. And P.S. Fr. Baer…no excuses!!!smile
    All the best, Regina

  4. Dear Pastor White (I like that !!!!:)
    Gosh! Stop falling apart!! You are too young for that!! We will continue to keep you in our prayers for your ankle and your new parish!!! 🙂 *SMILES*

  5. Dear Father White,
    While I feel your pain, I would suggest the reason for your fall might have been caused by “your tallness.”Blaming the side-walk! Really! When I lived in your neighborhood, there were no imperfect bricks. Get well soon. love, a short person.

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