Here is footage of the now-infamous episode:

Serena was penalized justly (and later fined). But let’s not judge anyone. In the heat of the moment, we can say things we regret.

The story does have a moral: If you are an athlete, never mouth-off at officials.

Leave it to somone else to complain. Let the fans boo. Let your coach console you later.

I remember losing a high-school basketball game that we should have won. After the game, the coach was not mad at us.

peanut_singleI was amazed. He loved to yell at us. He usually told us we should use rubber-bands and peanut shells for jockstraps. But this time he said, “You guys got a lot of bad calls.”

Never occurred to me during the game.

Why second guess officials? If you overcome bad officiating and win anyway, you are a hero. If you lose gracefully in the face of bad officiating, you are noble. But any player who yells at a referee looks like a spoiled child.

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