The Sea Christ Sailed (and Walked on)

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Today we visited the sites of Upper Galilee.

There is a church built over the stone where the Lord set five loaves and two fish–before He multiplied them and fed 5,000 men and their families. The place is known as Tagbha, and the German Benedictine fathers have built an absolutely beautiful church, where we prayed.

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On the Mount of the Sermon
We ascended the Mount of “Sermon on the Mount.”

At the top is a Barluzzi church dedicated to the Beatitudes. We celebrated Holy Mass in the crypt and then strolled through the beautiful gardens.

A short distance away, we visited the Church of the Primacy of Peter. This church encloses the Mensa Christi, Christ’s Table, where the Lord cooked fish for some of the Apostles after He rose from the dead.

We were at the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Some of the pilgrims waded in and collected water, stones, and shells to bring to back home.

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Then we went to eat some fish caught in the Sea of Galilee. The fish were served with their heads. We played with the heads, using them as ventriloquist dummies.

After lunch, we took a breezy boatride, looking at the the entire Sea of Galilee—the scene our Lord Himself gazed upon two millennia ago.

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Synagogue in Capernaum
After the boatride, we visited the excavated town of Capernaum. We saw the ruins of the house of St. Peter, where the Lord Jesus lived for long periods of time and worked miracles.

We sat and meditated in the reconstructed ancient synagogue, built on the foundations of the synagogue where the Lord Jesus taught.

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5 thoughts on “The Sea Christ Sailed (and Walked on)

  1. 1) Mrs. P is rocking the Mount 2008 fashion. ^^
    2) Mary Ann looks sooooooo happy! 🙂
    3) Whoa, Father…LOL that made my morning.

  2. Dearest Grace, Jamie, Nicky, Father Mike et all,
    Blessing upon you as you walk the path. How remarkable and generous that God became Man to teach and role model for us mere mortals. I hope you realize that you are training as teachers while you journey His path, and then most importantly rejoin us. Soak it all in. Nothing could be more important. Refuel until overflowing – the world and people back here are spiritually hungery if not starving.

    If you grab any a keepsake…grab LOVE!

    Know you have ours as well as our prayers!
    Anna Kay and Clan

  3. hi fr white nice picture of you love it hope you guys are haveing fun love all the pictures hope to see you soon have you guys in are prays please pray for me thansk bye 🙂
    love elizabeth

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