All His Benefits

Spiderman will catch you in his web

The Hoyas are 6-0. Jason Clark has a seven-foot wingspan.

The Redskins almost beat the New Orleans Saints.

And Archbishop Wuerl gave us all kinds of goodness at Holy Name yesterday.

Archbishop gives Holy Name the good Word
New pastor: Goofy looking, but semi-competent

4 thoughts on “All His Benefits

  1. Was it the other half of your competence that told you to wear a white chasuble on a Sunday in Advent?

  2. As I told you on Sunday, I always knew you were pastor material. (Of course, that’s easy to say now that you’ve been elevated to pastor.) It was a wonderful installation Mass, and you are richly deserving of the promotion. I was talking with Mark Stricherz who said he was sorry he couldn’t attend because he had to work. He commented that you are “a holy man.” Indeed!

  3. Congratulations on your installation as pastor! May you continue to cooperate with the grace of the Holy Spirit to teach, govern, and sanctify.

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