The Labor of Bees

Speaking of bees buzzing busily and their wonderful wax…

Your unworthy servant will minister as subdeacon at solemn ceremonies for Candlemas.

The procession and traditional Mass will held at St. Bernadette parish in Silver Spring, Maryland, on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

All are welcome. Bring your Tridentine Missal so you can follow the beautiful prayers for the blessing of the candles.

3 thoughts on “The Labor of Bees

  1. I was about to ask, “What is candlemas?” when I realized it was the Feast of the Presentation. I have heard it called the Feast of the Purification of our Lady, but why is this feast called Candlemas?

    P.S. About Mr. McInerny…he came to our school last March. Although I was not able to attend his lecture, I understand he was a great friend to my school’s founders, and I’m grateful for all he has done for the church and for Thomas Aquinas College in particular.

  2. Very good to hear from you, Miss Brown.

    The term ‘Candlemas’ comes from the blessing of candles and candle-lit procession which precedes the Presentation Day Mass.

    I believe that the custom of blessing candles on the fortieth day after Christmas comes from the Nunc Dimittis: “…a light for revelation to the Gentiles…”

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