Guess what? I finally made a new “Bests” list.

Very old Holy Land list is retired…


Wallace Stevens
Best Antonio Barluzzi church: Gloria in Excelsis sanctuary, Shepherds’ Field, Bethlehem

Best Chance You Will Ever Actually See Me Weeping: When I read chapter 6 of Book VI of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien–the members of the Fellowship bid farewell to each other, knowing they will never all be together again.

Best Food for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Anytime, Anywhere: Hummos and Pita

Best 20th-century Poem with a reference to the Holy Sepulcher: “Sunday Morning” by Wallace Stevens

Best Augustinian Digression in Sermon 105A:

Let’s suppose that the Kingdom of Heaven is up for sale. A most fertile and valuable estate has been put up for us to buy; one which, after we have acquired it and come into possession of it, we won’t leave to some successors on our decease, but will always remain in possession of it, never to leave it, never to move out of it at all. A splendid estate, an estate worth buying indeed! It remains for you to inqire how much it’s worth, in case you aren’t worth what it’s worth, and are not able to buy it, though you are most eager to get it. You may not think you can make it, so I’ll tell you its price: it’s worth whatever you have.

Best Description of the Hidden Counsels of the Heart: William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene 2

Be not deceived: if I have veil’d my look,
I turn the trouble of my countenance
Merely upon myself. Vexed I am
Of late with passions of some difference,
Conceptions only proper to myself,
Which give some soil perhaps to my behaviors;
But let not therefore my good friends be grieved–
Among which number, Cassius, be you one–
Nor construe any further my neglect,
Than that poor Brutus, with himself at war,
Forgets the shows of love to other men.

Best Place to Swim if You Want Your Garments to Stay Water-Logged for a Whole Week/Most Relaxing Place on Earth: The Dead Sea

Best Two Rock Ballads on the Radio These Days: Gavin Rossdale “Love Remains the Same” and P!nk “Please Don’t Leave Me”

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