Southwest Corner

Remember when Ferdinand Magellan reached the Philippines?

Well, this afternoon my Evangelization Team and I reached the southwest corner of my little city parish.

Every Friday afternoon, we knock on doors and invite people to church. We take the parish block by block.

It felt great to reach one of the corners of our territory. We memorialized the moment with a cellphone snapshot.

At Sixth and G Streets, Northeast

Three more corners to go.

3 thoughts on “Southwest Corner

  1. Hi Father White!! Congratulations on reaching the first corner!! 🙂 You guys look so happy! But Father, you look like you need some more cookies!!! 🙂 And Thomas can’t wait until Sunday because he is so looking forward to serving!! He loves it!! Take care!

  2. Father, do you know about this and the evangelization opportunities they are offering to the Archdiocese?

    The Guadalupe Radio Network is bringing Catholic Radio to Washington D.C.

    With great thanks and praise to almighty God as we want to announce that the nation’s capitol will be the home of another Guadalupe Radio Network station. On May 5th WMET 1160 AM will begin broadcasting Catholic Radio 24 hours a day. And what an amazing impact this station will have in bringing souls closer to our Lord and the holy Saints, an impact that has the potential to reach far beyond the immediate listening area.

    … a supporter of GRN in Dallas

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