Spider-Roll World

When crabbers pull their pots from the water, they quickly identify the crabs that are about to molt. The color on the edge of the backfins is different.

Crabs that are outgrowing their shells slip out of the back of the old hard shell. They emerge as delectible little creatures that can be eaten whole.

There is no greater pleasure on earth than to devour an entire fried soft-shell crab in a few bites, consuming every cell of the organism in a chomping frenzy of bliss.

But supervising crabs that are about to molt requires great vigilance. The crabber must check his tanks every couple of hours and remove a newly emerged soft-shell crab for immediate refrigeration. Otherwise, the other crabs in the tank will cannibalize the defenseless one, or its shell will quickly harden.

So the faithful crabber interrupts his sleep like a monk to keep watch over the tank of molting ‘peelers.’ He does it so that that you and I can go to a restaurant and order soft-shell crab.

Yes, there are many things wrong with this world. But let’s not take the good things for granted.


2 thoughts on “Spider-Roll World

  1. Your post has made me yearn for a return to the St. George Parish Grill, where we happily scarfed them down the other day. We will have to search out the best that Rehoboth has to offer in August.

    I also have grown very fond of the sweet foghorns that put me to sleep at night and wake me up in the morning. My path to S.I. was a strange one but I’m glad I’m here.

    To the commenter who so kindly mentioned praying for me, I am doing great, many thanks for your warm thoughts. Happily writing for Politico and strong in body and spirit.

    — Ben White, brother to Father White

  2. Well drive down a little ways to Bethany and goto Mickey’s Crab house. Best crabs ever. You won’t be disappointed.

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