So Long for Now

Dear Readers,

The Chicago Blackhawks have reclaimed the Stanley Cup after 49 years.

B. A. Barackus is coming back to life after a quarter-century.

Soon I will be forty years of age.

I am a little overwhelmed.

Your unworthy servant needs to retire from the world for a while.

Love remains the same. May it please God, I will return to this space.

Let us hurry toward heaven together by faithful prayer. Adieu.

19 thoughts on “So Long for Now

  1. I’ll miss your blog and hope for its return after you recharge your batteries. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, take strength in the fact that you are surrounded by the love of many friends and parishioners.

  2. Dear Father,

    I thought I was looking into the great abyss on my 29th birthday but it was just a more sublime vision. The Lord is a good shepherd. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Dear Father,
    I will really miss your blog, but I understand your need to leave the world for awhile and get refreshed and restored. I will pray for you and also that you return to this space. You have a real talent for preaching and teaching. I know you have touched my heart with your beautiful homilies and sharings on various topics. I truly believe that you will be back. Until then, VAYA CON DIOS.

  4. Dear Father White,
    I will miss all of your wonderful words of wisdom! I hope that you will be able to sit back and relax. Hopefully be able to start again with a fresh mind. 🙂 May God help you to heal and refresh your soul. 🙂 You will be in our thoughts and prayers Father! And I hope that you have a great Birthday! *SMILES*

  5. Yes this is you very cool site hope you are doing well my aunt sends you her best and a check so take it easy see you when you get back. P.S. I named a fish after you and father father bob and father walsh and terry you can name the rest


    I searched the sea of bluebonnets,
    The product of the powerful hurricane,
    Which had swept inland, rending the sky
    And inundating the land.

    It seemed to stretch forever
    And the strains of “A Gift of Song”
    Was a sweet accompaniment
    To the visual wash of color.

    The flat-topped hill country
    Had come vibrant and alive
    In the death of the wind and rain
    And in the bursting forth way of life.

    I wept the bittersweet tears of one who knows
    That he can never embrace all of life.

  7. Dear Father White,
    Thank you very much for your uplifting homilies – they have helped our souls. God bless you this summer – keep up the good work! I will be praying for you.

  8. Fr. Mark, I’m sorry I only learned of your retreat today. May God bless you and return you safely to this parish which loves and cherishes you so deeply. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

  9. Dear Fr White, please know that we here at the Convent of the Good Shepherd are praying for you daily and wishing you a deeply restful time of retreat. You have touched so many people’s lives with your love and wisdom and faith, we hope you are aware of all the love and prayers and thoughts that are with you while you rest. The Communion of Saints hold you up, and God loves you! So do we!

  10. Fr. White,
    I never met you but I felt as though I knew you.
    I only spoke with you briefly over the phone once
    but i sensed your sincerity and spirituality. May
    God be with you and bless you always. Hopefully, I
    will meet you in the near future.

  11. Dear Fr. White,
    I’m sorry I didn’t get down to see you before you went away. Please know that you are in my prayers daily, and I pray that this time will be a source of peace and refreshment for you. We will miss you!

  12. Oh my !! … I’ve been sad to miss our time together at meetings & events & such… you becoming a pastor was a wonderful thing even though you didn’t get to stay at St Mary’s, but … now I’m going to miss being able to know what you are doing whether I’m there causing trouble or not :} … lol… by the way, don’t act like turning 40 is a big deal… I turned 30 & it was just like any other day… a Monday with plenty of work :} … please keep in touch & as the song says “ain’t it good to know you’ve got a friend”, cause I’m here no matter what :} .. ps while I know I gave you grief for running in shorts during the winters … its okay to go jogging in shorts right now… its crazy hot outside :} love & prayers !!!!

  13. Fr. Mark, you are sorely missed at Holy Name. Please do let us know if there is anything we can do to reciprocate the support you have given us.

  14. Father White,

    The parishioners at St. Raphael’s are praying for you and will keep you in our thoughts daily. God bless you.

  15. I’m praying for you, daily. Your prayers and ministry uplifted me so many times. I humbly hope my prayers will add their small benefit to you during your retreat.

  16. I hope you are doing ok if you need anything please let me know thanks your brother in sprit

  17. I wept the bittersweet tears of one who knows
    That he can never embrace all of life.

    From June, 2010, and more contains more emotion than can ever be understood. I love this one beyond all understanding.

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