Valentine’s Day Advice and Veritatis Splendor

Am I going to see “The Rite?” Absolutely not. I watched “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” back in 2005, and I haven’t really had a good night’s sleep since.

But there’s an idea for you, Cassanovas. Rent “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” for Valentine’s Day and watch it with your main squeeze. That will be romantic for you, voluptuaries!

…One thing I wasn’t able to mention earlier (because I was too busy scrubbing pots): In my humble opinion, the Well Fargo Center in Minneapolis evokes the Empire State Building in a splendid postmodern way. Agree/disagree, architecture buffs?

…Anyway, if you heard the words of Jesus Ben-Sirach in church this morning, you probably thought of Part I of Chapter 2 of Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Veritatis Splendor. Here is a summary of paragraphs 38-41:

God left man in the power of his own counsel. (Sirach 15:14)

We are all kings or queens, because we have dominion over our own actions.

Man achieves freedom as a creature, a creature made by an infinitely free and powerful Creator. To deny the Creator is to deny the freedom of His creature.

When we reason carefully about our actions, taking all the teachings of the Church into account, we participate in the divine light of God’s eternal law. We do not create morality by thinking things through carefully. We receive the truth of God’s plan by reasoning.

God is not a foreign force ruling us. To obey God is not to submit to a tyrant. To act reasonably, practically, and humbly is to co-operate with the unsearchable wisdom of divine Providence.

…To give credit where it is due: Without Fr. Martin Rhonheimer, Veritatis Splendor could not have been written. I have loved Fr. Rhonheimer’s books as much as anything I have ever read.

P.S. Hoyas game at 1:00 p.m. on ESPN!

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Advice and Veritatis Splendor

  1. I kept trying to figure out how I’d missed this one; it turns out that’s the day our daughter and her family came East to go to a Big Head Todd and the Monsters concert at Strathmore.

    Yes, the Wells Fargo Center definitely mirrors the Empire State Building.

    And, now, I have an Encyclical Letter to read. So, dispensa me’, gratias.



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