After He Was Pierced with Arrows

…St. Sebastian recovered. He was tended by Irene. Only later, after he publicly reproached the Emperor Diocletian for mistreating Christians, was St. Sebastian finally martyred by a brutal beating.

Hendrick ter Brugghen, a disciple of Caravaggio, painted this lovely depiction of Irene removing St. Sebastian’s arrows. I for one, philistine that I am, never heard of ter Brugghen before now. But, my gosh. On display at the National Gallery until May 15

2 thoughts on “After He Was Pierced with Arrows

  1. Beauty amidst the horror. I hadn’t heard of Hendrick ter Brugghen before, either; the Caravaggio influence seems to prevail. And, now I know much more about St. Sebastian than before. I see some of the thoughts of the earlier post in the depiction of his death.

    By the way; we’ve got to stop meeting like this. Everyone will think we have nothing else to do.



    joe Doane

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