Please pray

…for the poor people of Rocky Mount, Virginia.

Flood? No. Earthquake? No. Boll-weevil swarm? No.

They will soon have a new priest living in their bucolic piedmont town. A tall geek you know.

…The Hoyas begin a long, hard Lent on Ash Wednesday. In order to win the Big East tournament, it will be necessary to beat UConn, then Pitt, then Syracuse (or St. John’s), then either Notre Dame, Louisville, or West Virginia–on four consecutive days in Madison Square Garden.

A Herculean feat. If they manage it, we can all take the rest of Lent off. (Kidding.)

After winning the Big East, the Hoyas will get to rest for two days before beginning the long march to Houston. But, seriously, you can have the NCAA tournament. All I care about is what happens in New York.

Except: Yes, I hate the North Carolina Tar Heels as much as any Hoyas fan should. But who could resist the Cinderella story of the 2010-11 UNC season? With demolishing Duke as the coup de grace?

It is almost enough to make a guy forget about the James Worthy thing forever.

…I never should have made fun of “The King’s Speech.” It is a beautiful movie. I cried like a woman through the whole thing.

5 thoughts on “Please pray

  1. Now you tell us, after I spent two hours on Friday morning, following the Norfolk & Southern tracks through southwest Virginia on MapQuest, trying to find the location. Now that you’ve identified Rocky Mount, it becomes apparent.

    And, speaking of “apparent”, I thought your sidebar of the “Juniors” (G. T. with P. E.) speaks volumes about the nature of in loco parentis. If ever there was a coach who became a real father to his players, it was him. We should all stive to emulate him.



  2. Fr. White,
    I wish you the best in your new endeavor. May God bless you always.

  3. Fr. Mark……Good to find you again. If there is a quake in the Atlantic, can you use some help in Rocky Mount?….Dc. Bill

  4. Good to be found, dear Deacon. You and the missus are welcome at Rocky Mount any time.

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