Friday Morning Paintings

Earthquake and tsunami overnight. May God help us.

Hoyas out of the Big East tournament.* Still hungry from Wednesday’s fast. Can’t eat any meat today…

Just seems like a good time to gaze upon John Singer Sargent’s “Breakfast in the Loggia,”

or “The Art of Painting” by Johannes Vermeer,

or Berenice Abbott’s photograph of the Flatiron Building.

For the record, the Internet does not know everything. Not even close. It does not know the names of the paintings that appeared on the dust jackets of the Oxford World Classic editions published in the 1970’s, many of which are readily available at your finer local libraries.

* But the Hokies are still in the ACC tournament!

4 thoughts on “Friday Morning Paintings

  1. And to think, I thought I was the only one who knew everything — NOT!

    Your appreciation of the Fuller Building is really intriguing. It’s considered the first “modern” building in the United States, and is prominently featured in many Civil Engineering texts about building structures.

    If you like photos as art, look at the Steichen picture of the Flatiron Building in the Wikipedia Article



  2. Juan, you are amazing.

    Joe, the beautiful photo of the Flatiron by Steichen graces the cover of a book you might love/probably already read:

      The Flatiron

    by Alice Sparberg Alexiou.

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