Metaphysics of Morals Compendium (with Punishments) + April 9 Palm Sunday

If you find yourself at a Knights-of-Columbus pancake breakfast with Spanish-speakers from various countries, you will encounter different words for ‘pancakes’: panqueque, crepa, cachapa, panqueca, güirila, panqué

…The 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Sumter will fall on Tuesday night. The Sesquicentennial unfolds.

The older of my brilliant nephews was born on April 9. Palm Sunday fell on April 9 that year, 2006.

Palm Sunday also fell on April 9 in 1865, the day when Robert E. Lee rode up to the McLean house and, in the words of James Robertson, “after 39 years of dutiful military service, did what duty demanded of him.”

The Army of Northern Virginia most certainly was beaten. Lee nonetheless displayed acute moral discernment at Appomattox.

The prospect of the southern cause continuing as a guerrilla war was the most likely sequel to the fall of Richmond and the routing of Lee’s army. At Appomattox, Lee rose above the normal pattern and effected a decisive stroke for reconciliation.

…I wish I possessed the wherewithal to accomplish more in the exploration of the metaphysical underpinnings of morals. I hope to return to summarizing Aristotle’s Ethics for you. But here is a compendium of the posts so far, for what they are worth.

1. Summary of Veritatis Splendor, paragraphs 38-41 (scroll down).
1b. Homiletic summary of Veritatis Splendor

2. Morals exist.

3. Faith underlies morals.

4. By what criteria are we judged?

5 & 6. Moral agency (see comments). One case: The minister of Holy Communion.

7. “Justice” in the general sense.

BONUS! Nineteenth-century Episodes of Ecclesiastical Punishment:

1. Daniel Donglas Home expelled from the city of Rome.

2. The Hogan Schism.

(3. Twenty-first century disciplining of Elizabeth Johnson.)


3 thoughts on “Metaphysics of Morals Compendium (with Punishments) + April 9 Palm Sunday

  1. Fr. Mark,

    Too much to consume in a simple breakfast: I’ll need a fiesta of sufficient breadth (pun intended) to allow the consumption of the main menu.

    There is but one logical question, and the time is not now; but I’ll pose it anyway, as a “tickler” for three weeks hence, beginning April 25th, 2011 (and the why for that date is probably self-evident): “What’s for dessert?”



  2. Father White,

    You know as a Civil War Historian, I gotta give props the the recognition of the Sesquicentennial of the beginning of the Civil War. Thanks for recognizing it.

    Lee deite his one fatal flaw of going North in Pennsylvania, will go down as one of the greatest if not the grestest General of all times. Not just for his military genuis and leadership but his moral fiber as man and human being.

    Go Redskins !!! :o)

    David Essex

  3. Each mistake has its own punishment as described in the judgment day. We are all born in this world because of the mistakes made in our earlier birth. Lets take the punishment and clean ourselves..

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