Toughest Dip in the Drink

How did I make out in my Lazarus-Saturday swim up Mill Mountain and around Ro’noke? I did okay.

Generally, I oppose full-immersion baptisms. But when the good Lord does it to you over the course of a 13-mile run, I’m into it.

The Blue Ridge Marathon provides the BEST runner experience. What do they hand you at the finish line for a replenisher? Yes. —>

Once I dry off, I will tally the donations and let you know how much we raised for ProLife Across America.

..Now, bring on April and May Madness!

3 thoughts on “Toughest Dip in the Drink

  1. Does “okay” mean you manged to finish in under two hours despite uphill slogging?


  2. Thanks for asking, Mary Ann. When I crossed the finish line, the clock read 1:53. That would have put me in at 56th place (out of 368). I don’t think my chip was working, because my name doesn’t appear on the official finishers’ list. Because I am old, I grew up on the the lace-into-your-shoes chips. Now they have new-fangled disposable adhesive chips. Anyway, I ran my butt off and “left it all on the course,” as they say–and was left with plenty of Palm Sunday pain to offer to our blessed Lord.

  3. All I can say is that is truly impressive!! Thirteen 8.5 minute mountainous miles while being pelted with pouring rain — amazing!

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