Christ’s Property

Here is a homily for some of the poor souls who will have to get out of bed even earlier than they already do, in order to get to Mass on Sunday morning, starting this summer…

This is the will of the Father, that I should not lose anything of what He gave me. (John 6:39)

Every day we pray to our Father in heaven that His will be done. Almighty God has a will; He has a plan which He intends to see through. He conceives of a good outcome, and He acts to bring it about.

“My Father wills that I should not lose anything of what He gave me.” Thus spake the Christ, the Word of God, to Whom the Father gave everything. The eternal Son reveals this fact: The Father wills that nothing be lost.

But what about when we change the Sunday Mass time? Then we will definitely lose people and collection money. We will lose momentum. We will lose sleep. Perhaps during such an early Mass, some of us will lose consciousness.

Christ went deep when He inventoried His possessions. On the surface, He appeared to be as poor a man as ever trod the dusty earth. He had no house of His own, didn’t know about His next meal, had no spouse or children to lean on. And yet He counted Himself the possessor of every wealth and dominion, every soul in every age, every visible and invisible being. Indeed, Christ does possess all this, though for now His ownership of everything is invisible to our mortal eyes.

Lord, give us the grace to take stock of what we have in the same way as your Son takes stock of what He has, so that we can hold on and lose nothing.

You have given us the holy faith. You have given the ancient faith of your Church a berth in these rugged foothills, and that berth is us. You have given us each other and bound us together not just as neighbors, but as brothers and sisters. You have given us hope in Your power to overcome every evil, and in that hope we pray together for health, prosperity, and eternal life for ourselves and those we love. You have filled our horizons not just with the waning stars and planets of the material universe, but with the prospect of Your undying beauty.

Everywhere He went, Your Son saw souls that belonged to Him. With His ineffably gentle love, He drew them to Himself, so that they would not be lost.

Lord, help us to see as Christ sees. Help us to attract as He attracts.

Can we doubt that our heavenly Father wills that the highways be clogged with cars on their way to Mass at whatsoever time I can get it together to celebrate it? Can we doubt that the Lord has a particular plan for each of us to foster communion in faith right here?

Father, thy will be done. May none be lost.

One thought on “Christ’s Property

  1. Fr. Mark,

    Just a couple of humorous notes about Mass-going:

    1. The 6:30 AM Weekday Mass: it must be an exclusive club, everyone there obviously WANTS to be there.

    2. The 7:00 AM Sunday Mass: you could break out in Latin in the middle of Mass, and nobody there would miss a beat [proof? posses Latin erumpunt in medio Missa nemo esset percussio miss – see, I told you so]



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