Will He Judge?

Jesus said: “The Father commanded me what to say and speak, and I know that his commandment is eternal life.”

On a number of occasions, Christ declined to present Himself as the supreme judge which, in fact, He is.

Once, He told his audience that the Ninevites of old and the ancient Queen of Sheba would judge them, because these pagans had listened to, and heeded, the Word of God.

Christ told His faithful Apostles that they, His appointed teachers, would judge the Twelve tribes of Israel.

He asked an aggrieved plaintiff, “Friend, who appointed me your judge and arbitrator?”

And right before the Last Supper, the Lord Jesus insisted: ‘I came to save, not to judge. My doctrine itself will judge those who fail to heed it.’

The doctrine of Christ, like the prophecy of Jonah and the wisdom of Solomon, demands humility, sincerity, submission to the Almighty power of God, and freedom from sin–for the sake of freedom for true love, generosity, and praise of the Creator.

Christ’s teaching is both the hardest and the easiest ever given. On the one hand, He demands that we take up crosses and follow Him like condemned criminals. On the other hand, He teaches us that the Father has numbered every hair on our heads and provides for us like He provides for the flowers of the field, who neither toil nor spin.

Christ will judge us in the end. But He will judge us with nothing other than the truth. He will not enact a judgment; the judgment will already have been enacted, by the confrontation of God with sin that took place on Golgatha.

The Lord said, “The Father’s commandment is eternal life.” Christ, and Christ alone, fully perceives the infinite generosity of God. Jesus has revealed this mystery; Christ revealed God’s generosity both by what He said, by what He did, and, above all, by what He suffered.

This infinite loving kindness of God will judge us, and we will be found guilty. We all fail to love with such kindness. But when we humbly and honestly acknowledge that we are but dust and ashes, separated from nothingness by God’s mercy alone, then the same loving kindness of God will also forgive.

2 thoughts on “Will He Judge?

  1. Weasel

    Lurking in the fen,
    Knows not He sees red from green;
    But He wills to wait.



  2. Fr. White, Glad to have found you again, and your website is, well, so you!
    At first, I thought you were saying that Jesus has enacted our judgement too by dying on the cross, and then it seemed you were saying that our judgement is yet to come by truth in the end (ours or when the Lord comes), but if we are humble in recognizing our dust and ashes, God will be merciful in His judgement.
    Maybe these aren’t contradictory at all, I’ll have to ponder this more, and maybe that is your point.
    Also, I always thought of my death and the Day of Judgement/end of the world as too totally separate events, but something about the way you have it here, perhaps for each of us, they are the same event?
    thanks for your priestly gifts to us,
    Mary Ann

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