Very Hot on July 22

We Christians have kept the memorial of St. Mary Magdalen on July 22 for at least 13 hundred years.

Perhaps she died on July 22.  Or maybe she arrived at Ephesus on July 22–during the summer after Pentecost–to announce to the people of Asia Minor what she had announced to the Apostles, namely that Christ lives.

Imagine living through the summer after the first Pentecost.  The first summer after the Redemption of the human race.  The first summer of the Age of Grace.

That summer, when it got really, really hot, everyone could look at each other and say, ‘You know what?  Now that the Lord Jesus has conquered the devil, this oppressive summer heat does not necessarily have to be a foretaste of what life after death will be like!’

We read in Scripture that Mary of Magdala broke the Commandments extensively early in her life.  Then she met an unusual Galilean man, the Lord Jesus Christ.  She then proceeded to obey the most important commandment in a way that has never been surpassed.

The most important commandment for us repentant sinners is:  Now that the Lord Jesus has saved you from damnation, stay close to Him!

St. Mary Magdalen stayed as close to Christ as a person could–without violating His personal space.  She probably would have slept on a trundle bed at His feet, if He had let her.

After Pentecost, the holy Apostles became great heroes for Christ.  They each gave their lives for love of Him.  Their zeal knew no bounds.

But all of the Apostles would have acknowledged without hesitation:  Mary Magdalen loves Christ even more than we do.  We take our cues from her.

One thought on “Very Hot on July 22

  1. Father Mark,

    Remember, she sought Him in the early morning hours; and she desperately wanted to hold on to him. Both good qualities for sinners.



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