Making Yourself Make Sophie’s Choice

The New York Times gave us an Assumption-Eve present by publishing a primer on baby-making morals in their Sunday magazine.

(Click through the link only if you are made of stern stuff.)

“The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy” concerns the business of ‘fetal reduction’ when in vitro fertilization proves too successful. Once, doctors generally drew the line at killing one of two twins. Now ethics must ‘evolve with technology’ yet again.

Suffice it to say that pretty much everything mentioned in the article is strictly forbidden by God in the strongest terms.

…We were all little embryos once; we all needed to nuzzle into the endometrium bed. We live to tell the tale. Fortune was on our side. Thank you, God. Thank you, mom…

William Styron produced one of the more wrenching literary conceits of the second half of the 20th century. He imagined a Polish mother, a Nazi’s pistol in her face, having to choose between her two children. One would live; the other would be gassed.

Now, as the Times reports, these poor souls–who have emptied their savings accounts to pay fertility doctors–make Sophie’s choice, even when no one holds a gun pointed at them.

Oh, God: The Nazi death-camp ObersturmbannfĂĽhrers live. They live on, in the twisted consciences that would rationalize killing one baby in order to have more ‘quality time’ with the other.

…All the unborn children we have wantonly killed lay in their hidden graves; the Lord knows where they lie. On the last day, when the little ones rise again, will we be able to withstand their gaze? Or will the purity of their guileless stare pierce us so deeply that we despair?

Have mercy on us, little ones. Forgive our generation our murderous selfishness. We promise we will do all we can to make things right.

One thought on “Making Yourself Make Sophie’s Choice

  1. Father Mark,

    Greek logic and human will have frequently made a deadly combination over the history of the human race. I think; therefore, I am; I can; therefore, I do.



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