Listen, China…

…please don’t go beating up on my Hoyas at a pre-season goodwill exhibition game. The VCU Rams beat us up bad enough in March. We’re still trying to get over that.

All joking about Big-East thuggery aside, the Hoyas did not play the bad guys in this international incident. Apparently, Big-East games run like croquet matches compared to the way the Bayi Rockets roll (i.e., numerous fines for on-court fighting from the Asian basketball federation).

This was not China’s finest hour. They played host to the game; the Hoyas arrived as guests. Bad things can happen anywhere. But I don’t think it would have happened this way if the Bayi Rockets were visiting the Verizon Center.

Thank God, it does not appear that anyone was seriously hurt.

JT III deserves the cool-head-of-the-year award for calmly getting the Hoyas off the court and out of the building.

One thought on “Listen, China…

  1. Father Mark,

    Physically, it’s come a long way from Naismith’s concept of a mildly-tonic exercise for middle-aged businessmen; but the mentality of the game is what scares me the most. Admittedly, height and weight for age is the predominent determinate for early success in sports; but it’s what happens at the College and Professional level that is of the most concern. The term “above the law” comes to mind. Sportsmanship is “competition with boundaries”. What we are seeing on the field of play is ever more without boundaries. Off the field of play, the signs are that there are no boundaries.

    So, the Bayi Rockets may not be the epitome of good sportsmanship; but the game, in general, needs to think more about its boundaries. I agree with your assessment of JT-III.



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