The Martyr of the Taxman, Etc.

Who needs horror movies? On Wednesday, we will keep a feast for St. Bartholomew.

Statue of St. Bartholomew in Milan Cathedral

The Holy Apostle appears to be wearing a toga. But he was flayed alive. Skinned. He wears his flayed skin like a toga.

Were Nathanael and Bartholomew the same person? Yes; most likely, yes. Nathanael is a first name; Bar-tholomew is a last name.

He hailed from Cana, followed St. Philip to Christ, evangelized India, suffered martyrdom in Armenia, lays entombed on a little island in the Tiber.

Perhaps we could implore him to pray that we, too, might be zealous enough to be skinned for the faith.

…Holy Father gave a talk back in January ’09 which explains the Mass brilliantly well. Or just go straight to St. Augustine’s City of God, Book Ten, chapter 6…

…A charming explanation of dynamic- vs. formal-equivalence translation:

…Also, in case you missed it, click HERE to read about worshipping the Blessed Mother as a god.


2 thoughts on “The Martyr of the Taxman, Etc.

  1. From the charming video explanation, we’re told that we’re switching from “cup” to “chalice” because the former word, cup, isn’t as precise as chalice. Granted, if all the priest said was “take this all of you and drink from it, this is the cup” and left it at that then, yeah, there might (just might) be some confusion. But what the priest says is, “the cup OF MY BLOOD”. I hardly think anyone has been confusing THAT cup with their dad’s coffee cup, as the new & improved Thomas suggests.

    As I’ve commented elsewhere, it’s fine to make the wording more precise but don’t let’s fool ourselves into thinking that we will get higher up that mountain because we’ll soon be saying “chalice” instead of “cup”. There comes a point when the words are different but the meaning is the same and what really counts is what’s in our hearts as well as what’s on our lips.

    And WOW on the statue. That is nightmarish.

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