If You’re In Irene’s Path…

…Come on out to southwest Virginny for the weekend!

They are calling for just a little rain out here, if that.

Everything costs less in Franklin and Henry counties–gas, hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts.

Hop in the car right now!

Can’t wait to see you.

Click HERE for Mass times in Franklin County, Va.

Click HERE for Mass times in Henry County, Va.

…Southwest Virginia residents: How about getting on the phone and inviting your Irene-endangered friends and family out for the weekend? Hurricane Irene slumber party! Can’t wait to see everyone at Mass!

2 thoughts on “If You’re In Irene’s Path…

  1. Yes, prayers for those in the path of Irene and/or other shattering events, but also for those rescue, fire, military , medical and all other volunteers, who jump on the bus as it leaves the firehouse, hospital, armory, etc. and pray that Christ be with them in rescue and Peace

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